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Spend the Rainbow

October 17, 2013

(Monopoly money)

Obamacare has glitches. Bureaucrats are expected to perfect the system over time. Bureaucrats are always expected to make reforms over time. Usually, these reformers call for more regulation and more funding. People won’t accept higher taxes, but they also won’t accept cuts in benefits. So, this essential funding is eagerly created by a mysterious organization, called the Federal Reserve. The new money is added to a debt book and used for new expenditures.

The debt ceiling requires the Federal Reserve to report that its lending is below a certain level, say $16,699,421,095,673.60. This level was reached in May.

When the most recent budget debate began, the Federal Reserve was funding brave new reforms that it could not legally report. The Federal Reserve has been legally prohibited from doing base-10 math for the last 5 months. This has made reforms much easier.

Obamacare was expected to improve when money was easy. But the Federal Reserve has announced that it will resume bookkeeping on Thursday. This means that Obamacare reforms will now have to be funded with real money. Participants will now have to pay for improvements to a system that was harmful to them when money was free.

Participants won’t like that. Some will try to get out. Did I mention that reformers also like to call for more regulation? Participants won’t like that either. The system will fail. Bureaucrats will have to call for more reforms.

This is the best case scenario. Congress may raise the debt ceiling. In that case, the Federal Reserve’s funny money will only get funnier. Eventually, it will get so funny that bureaucrats will no longer be able to stand up straight. At that point, they will begin doing work on their hands and knees. Coupled with poor swimming skills, the bureaucrats will soon be drowning in a colorful tsunami of Monopoly money while a literal interpretation of the BTOPILAB unfolds before their disbelieving eyes.


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